Curled Up

Mamo__a__story_of_geraldine_plunkett_dillon_by_isolde_obrolchain_carmodyby Isolde ÓBrolcháin Carmody02 Apr 2019

Curled up like a dried out leaf,
The wind may break my back.
My skin crumbles to the touch.

My only safety is at Home
I wrap its blanket round me
A second skin donated by a kindly sheep
Who bleats low and soft in my ear
She cradles me simply
Shuts out abrasive air
Stopping out sounds with cotton
Letting velvet nestle
Against my sleepy cheek.

I curl around my own insides
Sheltering the softest parts
The innermost, seeking inwards
Infinitely in-pulling.
So my outside shrinks
To thin to keep the insides in.
Coiling to a spiral spring
Shuddering under tension.

I will not go outside today.