Learning to Tie my Shoelaces

Mamo__a__story_of_geraldine_plunkett_dillon_by_isolde_obrolchain_carmodyby Isolde ÓBrolcháin Carmody06 Feb 2014

Crouched on the stairs -
The last in the house
Still in single digits -

Trying a tricky task;
Careful, slow, exact -
One right way to do it.

“You’re sooo slow!”
(Always some flaw,
Falling short of the bar)

Neither practice nor wanting,
Shame nor pride,
Ever quickened my fingers.

So I made a virtue of it:
Luxuriated in langourous loops,
Convoluted conglomerations of laces.

At last, I learned a secret technique;
A short-cut for the initiated,
A by-pass for the knowing.

Now,I have such choice:
Easy, slip-on Crocs;
A long, lazy zip up the leg.

A confident walk starts at the heel
Rolls onto the toe, and springs off the ball,
The leg lingers at an angle.

A rhythm and sway,
A flick and a twist –
All dance is like this.