One More Step, My Dear Brother Jake - by Itai Liberman

Pen-and-notebook-png-clip-artby Itai Liberman03 Feb 2020

One more step, my dear brother Jake – by Itai Liberman.
This is the story of Jake, who always is one step back.
When I learned the skill of walking, Jake was still crawling on the floor.
When we were three, our parents took us swimming at the lake; a skill I had, and Jake was lack.
When we were four, I said goodbye to my pacifier, but Jake, Poor jake, needed his some more.
Oh Jake, poor Jake, why are you always one step back?

On our first day of school, the teacher taught us the rules.
Be kind and polite, was all she managed to say, as Jake stood on his table, and took her class away.
On our way home, the teacher played her role. Some mean things were said, and I felt it was too cruel.
On that very gray day, our mother took Jake’s play away - She did it without any delay.
Oh Jake, poor Jake, why are you always one step back?

Four years passed by like a quick snap, and without even noticing, Jake and I opened a huge gap.
When I grew 54.5 in Hight, Jake was still in the 50’s waiting for growing at night.
Both of us liked taking an afternoon rest, but as I woke up, Jake was still taking his long nap.
It might be naive, but I never lost my hope for Jake, knowing that somehow, he will find his light.
Oh Jake, poor Jake, why are you always one step back?

High school wasn’t easy for Jake. When grades arrived, he was very far behind.
When I got my first 90 at math, Jake ran to the baseball field and played with his bat.
No matter how much I offered my help, Jake played it blind and always declined.
One day I decided to watch Jake playing with his bat, and for the first time in his life, he wasn’t late.
Oh Jake, talented Jake, look at you, playing with your bat.

High school was over, and Jake and I got ourselves covered.
I chose to master my Finnish, as Jake proudly played baseball for the British.
When I finished my first degree, Jake was already discovered.
Now, everyone knows Jake the Skittish, as he takes his first swing, and diminishes.
Oh Jake, talented Jake, look at you, finally taking your step.