Terza Rima is Missing.

Pen-and-notebook-png-clip-artby Itai Liberman20 Feb 2020

In a simple house, at a simple place, Terza Rima was replaced.
It was the three-headed shadow who took her shade away.
Nothing seemed to be misplaced, only Terza was completely erased.

The first head took her legs away, making it impossible to move in any way.
The second head slowly devoured the rest, making a copy in its nest.
The third head Weigh heavily on Terza’s mind, as it colored her memories grey.

Now that the heads finished collection, the shadow is ready to do the rest.
The soulless skeleton of Terza Rima’s stolen shade started construction.
From legs to fingers; from memories to nest, Terza’s data was scanned from north to west.

And in the house, she stands - the copy of Terza, waiting for instruction.

Oh my, the poor shadow, instead of copying Terza, he created destruction!