Hi Dad, can I take this pet home?

Pen-and-notebook-png-clip-artby Itai Liberman06 Jun 2020

Hey dad, can I take this pet home?
Jonney and his father, Eric, went to the zoo to find a new pet. When they entered the zoo, Jonney saw a tall horse. He asked his dad, “Hi dad, can we take the tall horse home?” But when Eric saw the huge horse, he answered, “I’m sorry, Jonney, but we can’t - The horse is too big for a pet.” They left the horse and said bye-bye.
Suddenly, Jonney saw a Pink Flamingo at the zoo. He ran to his father and yelled: “Dad, Dad, I can see a pink flamingo. Can we take it home?” Eric smiled and said: “That is a beautiful flamingo Jonney, but we can’t take the flamingo away, it will miss its family.” Jonney smiled at the flamingo and waved goodbye.
When they got to the ice-cream shop, Jonney asked his father: “Dad, can you buy me a vanilla ice-cream? I can eat the whole store,” Yes Jonney, I know you can, but I can only buy you a single cone,” his dad said. They sat on a bench and ate ice cream together.
After the ice-cream, Jonney wanted to see the lions and kangaroos. When they got to the lion's cage, Jonney saw a beautiful lion baby with brown eyes and a small nose. "Dad, look!" Jonney said, "This baby lion is super awesome; can we take it home?" Eric saw the small animal and its sleeping mother next to it and said, "Jonney, can you see the mother? We can't take her baby away. It belongs to her." Jonney saw the mother and decided to say goodbye. "Let's go to see some kangaroos, Jonney," Eric said. But Jonney didn't want kangaroos anymore. Jonney wanted to find a new pet, so he told his dad, "Let's go home. Tomorrow we'll find better pets."
When Jonney and Eric were about to leave the zoo, they saw a brown cat sitting on their car. "Dad, look at this cute cat, can we take him home?" Jonney asked with excitement. His dad smiled and said, "Yes, yes we can Jonney, this cat is perfect! It can be our new pet." They drove home with the new brown cat and lived happily ever after.
The End.