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A contemporary poem of Nature


Img_3966by Jack Byrne07 Nov 2013


I walk along the crest of the mountains
heather brushing my boots with a
swishing sound, a skylark above me
sings feverishly perhaps in an effort to
gain my attention, what sights I see
before me, even this agitated bird cannot
succeed in distracting me.

Far below ,the lowlands stretch to the sea
shades of greens and gold bordered by
hedgerows of wild woodbine ,dog rose, ash
and bramble, laden down with the blackberry,
the blues, deep purples, and yellows
of the mountain slopes, the buzz of the bumblebee
as he darts from heather to heather.

It is summer’s end and the trees are beginning to lose
their lush green, and are slightly tinted by Autumn
approaching, as bit by bit she chills the evening air,
the lark sings louder now, as if determined to
inform me of one with whom I share my life, and one
who compares easily with my surroundings, and
I make my way home without giving him an argument