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A poem of all things Autumn ,


Img_3966by Jack Byrne07 Nov 2013


Old man Autumns round my door
as summer waves goodbye,
darkness steals the evening light
as swallows homeward fly.

Harvest saved , the air grows cool
and leaves turn yellow and gold,
children trekking off to school
their learning in the books they hold.

Apple branches, heavy with fruit
it’s a time of cider making,
of apple tarts and blackberry pie
delights of good home baking.

A migrant season for some on the wing
a season where nature provides,
of ghosts and goblins and haloed moons,
and squirrels with something to hide.

Crisp short days, and long starry nights
Mother natures special time,
falling leaves from trees so high
like artists performing mime.

The colourful glow of Autumn,
the Earth smells fresh and clean
memories the mind will treasure
of nature's most wonderful scene