In dreams that she shall wait for me

Copy_of_lost_maples_2_041by Jack....31 Dec 2014

On misty banks of weathered shoreline,
deplete by oceans endless play
Of scattered seas in ageless voyage
and sunsets formed on borrowed bay

Horizons beckon with a daydream,
in distant lines on forward flow
To breezes captured always welcome
as if someone you once did know

A jetty sits in foam laced waters,
lapping cold against its skin
Within the sights it surely witnessed,
moon beamed patterns once again

This solitude of thoughts provoking,
a heartbeat dances on a wave
For memories we’ve long forgotten
and many which our heart hath saved

Now here I sit in meditation,
alone of nature’s melody
For this is where my love has spoken,
my woman of this dark night sea

This night and every there before me
brings a touch of love so kind
Beyond the washing waves of splendor
for but a voice to call her mine

And now I face this grand conclusion,
what’s meant to be is all I ask
For on the sun’s due north arrival
I stand a’ ready for the task

To send my love to her unending
far beyond this echoed plea
And pray to find her perfect whispers
in dreams that she shall wait for me