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As time races ~ as time slows

Copy_of_lost_maples_2_041by Jack....31 Dec 2014

As time races
Railway metronome clicks
Staring out of high rise glass
Mingling in snowflake laced dreams
And skyline adventures chilled in grays
A fresh cup filled to ease cold winds whistling
Her thoughts now percolate in warmth induced questions
Watching the rising sun alone…in shadows of the day’s desires
Keys tapped as beauty evolves from beauty within
Sweet words to caress a distant heart
The call of poetic breezes sifts softly
In echoes of pleasure’s pace
As time slows


Days and nights of silhouettes
And long forgotten past regrets
Now fall behind a distant wayward star

And as this morning wakes your skies
So pleasing fore the tired eyes
These miles claim to be right where you are


As time slows
Neath star laced canopies
Staring at the dark pre-dawn sky
Breathing in the quiet remnant thoughts
Counting traffic light colors in vast array
Navigating the rhythm of asphalt destinations
Longing for that first glimpse of lemon zest glow
Rising with the sun, alone…in shadows of the day’s desires
His mind escaping down two lane mediums
Restarting his heart while distant dreams call
Sending the morning’s sweet greeting
Dancing before his needy eyes
As time races…