Pz-avatarby Jack River09 Feb 2017

Why, God, on this cold summer night,
Must I repose awake?
In lucid dreams and forcèd flight
From thoughtless things I make?

And why must my bedridden mind
Be plagued with thought and song
At this prescribed unholy time
The restless brings along?

And now I hear the birds begin to stir
And sing their tune
As others wake, my muscles ache
And stomach turns beneath the moon

At such a time, this bat arena
Brings my mind to such
A comment by Ekaterina
"Why you think so much?"

I know not why but that I do
And all my efforts fail
To lose this damnèd consciousness
And let sweet sleep prevail

Perhaps another time, with glee
I'll sleep, perhaps I may
But now, at least I'll have to be
Unhappy for the coming day

I can't complain, I'm here and rich
With wit and words to say
For one sweet day, without a hitch
I'll fully slip away