Ode to Boomtown

Pz-avatarby Jack River09 Feb 2017

Sand as soft as silk slips through my tender toes
As I sit reclined behind the hidden wood that grows
A soul sits up against me, I am a beating chair
And we look round and hear the
sound of drumming in the air

Fifty coloured lanterns breathe hot light down from the trees
And we sit back and savour thoughts of passion, art and ease
For not too long, we will be far from this full magic place
We hear the beauty, see the song and relish it with grace

Drums hit harder now, an unabated beat
Made by people who refuse to lose the ones they meet
Desperate, keeping love alive with purpose, poise and care
Seeing past the flooded eyes of gypsies warm and fair

And what a sacred moment, sat upon that sand!
It makes the loss all worth it, the loss of love and land
For in that time, the moon did shine, majestic, curved and crescent
These moments are not of this earth, this love, it is the present