Pz-avatarby Jack River09 Feb 2017

I walk, past walls of art and light, as in a waking dream
As naked nature blossoms bright from flesh of earth full green 

As basiled pots and Grecian urns sink still into the wheat
And chiseled rocks and sandy stones bask amid the heat

And devil red hibiscus breathes a scent beneath my nose
And lyric lizards risk us as they dart into the groves 

As ancient soft cicada song plays full and unaware 
And hippie hot mercados long put vibes into the air 

And children laughing full of wonder amble through the alley
A sound so strong it hops and dances, rills and fills the valley

Sacred air, with passion cold, fill fast my languid lungs 
And take me there, where guls of gold dance hot above the guns