Sleep, Evade Me

Pz-avatarby Jack River09 Feb 2017

Once more, sleep, evade me
I've missed your crystal ship
That so often persuades me 
To softly supple slip
Into the realm where no sad thoughts
Can plague my restless mind 
A realm where death of thought has wrought 
The sweetness of my time

Do you take pleasure in my fruitless
Blanketed attempts
To reach the rootless land of nought
The land from heaven sent?
The sweet repose, with callous calm
You steal so quick and quarter
Each and every sickle psalm 
And leave me sipping water

Out of boredom, angst and hunger 
Through my brain I roam
For songs I heard, and songs I sung her 
Gone with brush of cursèd comb

Ha! Sleep, brother of death
Evade me, please, once more
Steal each sweet unconscious breath
And bid me sigh full sore