Pz-avatarby Jack River09 Feb 2017

I walked in mist of mind and madness 
Down and black in vein
And felt a sickly cynic sadness 
Play upon my brain 

But then, at once, a true surprise 
Gave pleasure full anew
Pure love expressed before my eyes
Some stranger song I never knew

Two girls embraced with tears of joy
And held each other tight 
I felt a new and simple boy
Bathing in the morning light

The love I saw in that embrace 
Played true a tender tone 
I smiled at them, with soul and face 
As I watched alone

A humble magic filled my body
Nothing seen or said
Could match that mystic mirrored odd we 
Felt in hearts inside our heads 

And now I feel pure bright and calm
And walk while gleaming softly 
No thought of hunger, hurt or harm
Perhaps it's just the coffee