Autumn In Churchill Hall

Pz-avatarby Jack River09 Feb 2017

I know I should sleep, but all I can think of are the orange leaves dancing as they die 
Mad, cast away by thought and earth
Shining souls amidst decay
And the gentle hum of rain which plays upon them
Near inaudible, softly changed by constant attention
To a universal melody, which soon will disappear 
In Earth and weeping ear 
Such steadfast firs full still and sweet
Crying in the autumn heat 
But knowing that I'm here to listen 
Walk and wonder, lust and christen
Each sad bow with empty eyes
And mind immune to such surprise 
Such peace and wisdom do they speak
To apes who right the rill they wreak
And cry in flashing harmony 
The sound of what the farmer sees

Sing, his horse did
He gave the sign wrong 
I'm exhausted 
Where has the time gone?