Now You Only Dance

Pz-avatarby Jack River09 Feb 2017

Pick up your tattered sweetness 
Forget the painful past
Live for the day
And stay away
From hatred full and fast 

Nic, sweet girl, don't cry to sleep
You have so much to give
Your love is whole
As is your soul
You know not how to live 

Why don't you talk of troubles?
You seem as in a trance 
You hold it all
Inside a shawl
And now you only dance 

I hate to see you do this 
To your body cold and true 
A pill a day
You'll slip away
It's all you know to do 

Please love yourself
And see the beauty in the world around
Put down the bag
And rolled up fag
And hear the richer sounds 

There is a light,
A gentle glow, behind the trees of doubt 
Walk ahead 
Relax, be lead
And soon you will be out 

Take heed, sweet princess 
Don't fall back into the salt of sadness
Hold my hand
See what I found 
And stop this blesséd madness!