All Was Well

Pz-avatarby Jack River09 Feb 2017

Hot and mad and sacred, 
This circle sombre dusk 
Barley dances naked 
Amid the milky musk
And all at once, as dawn again, 
A gentle note plays fast 
Past the grain and through the brain 
Into the tender grass 

A body cycles heavy new 
Beneath the stars that run
The skyline sheds a purple hue 
And quick he rides to chase the sun
Fast as light itself, it seems
And twice as bright in stature 
He casts aside his tainted dreams 
And falls deep into nature 

At last, he revels peaceful
Beneath the light of eve 
Another level, blissful
As mystic night begins to weave 
And suddenly this note arrives 
Sent by the muse herself 
From no place, with force she cries 
With passion rich as wealth 

And all the fear and weekly woes
Drop dead without a sound 
It's but the way this circus goes 
Like gyres spinning round and round 
So for that moment, from the void,
He lost his weight of hell
And though the muse but softly toyed
For then, at least, all was well