Forsaken Weather

Pz-avatarby Jack River09 Feb 2017

Beat down you wretched restless rain
And spit the heavens dry 
Bring forth the blood and sweat and pain
Of animals and bid us cry 

Wreak havoc, blow beyond your means 
And tear these trees apart 
I want to see debauchèd scenes 
And freakish works of art 

Force each and every sleeping man
To stir and wake and kiss her more
Lift lowly spiders from the sand 
And soak them with the visceral 

Teach what you are to sullen soldiers 
Dead and gone inside 
Bring forth the knowledge no one told us 
What we know but choose to hide 

And when you go leave quick behind 
A sickly slide of leather
Hot and mad inside the minds
Of everyone, forsaken weather