Film Class

Pz-avatarby Jack River09 Feb 2017

I sit in film class bleary eyed
And stomach turning madly
And then a thought, I nearly cried
Made me think so sadly

Film is god, its beauty true
Its making clear as vision
But I must think now, and I do
Its study needs revision

The truth is I am bored and cold
Disillusioned, hungry
The dream to my sole self I sold
Appears to cut and crumble

To grey dissect and analyse
Such love incomprehensible
How futile forced and paralysed
How serious and sensible!

Yes, this magic's dropped to death
This room can never measure
Flustered feeling, baited breath
The simple filmic pleasure!

When you make or watch
You have no sense of sorry person
No logic soul attempting cold
To understand; to worsen

No, I don't believe in it
This is not how it is
The art of making film is love
And this just takes the piss