The Good Life

Img_1051_2by Jai Warya28 Feb 2016

There is no training involved. No manuals
to confidently inform you where to attach
what part.Or how. And whether or not
the final product will have been worth
all that trouble.

No courses will need to be attended, no
boxes ticked or papers handed in
guilt laden over what could have been,
had you just thought less, done more.

But don’t despair, there will be help. Just
not of the kind you expect, or when you expect it.
Others will pause their own labours
occasionally, to cheer you along. Others yet
will elbow past. To pause is to admit defeat;
stick with the elbows

If you’re lucky you might see an outline emerging.
Savour it; it may be as close as you get. Chances are,
this thing you’re building? Can't be built
outside the cinema inside of your head.
And even there it is but a silhouette
glimpsed in the fog, obscured by haste.

So don’t forget to give up, every once in a while.
That’s important too. Some problems are best solved
by leaving them alone. And while you’re at it,
may as well take a good look around; the world
will have changed while you were changing.

Remember that intentions are only ever worth
so much. Few ever manage to slip through
the prison of desires. Those that do rarely
survive the bureaucracy of needs. One revolution
can trump a million manifestos.

Often you will step back and declare
the thing finished, ready for outside scrutiny
only to find it shaking under its own weight
and the expectations of others. But no complaining;
No, that’s not allowed. No matter that the structure
is imperfect, that others are probably right.

The only examinations that matter
will be conducted by yourself. Be kind.
The answers will not always be
to the questions asked; the lessons learnt
are likely already known. Avoided,
but known.

Once its done, don’t look back.
It was already too late to change anything
the moment you started. Glance sideways
instead; the struggles of others are often
the only consolations on offer. Try not to
enjoy them too much.

And rewards, you ask? There are none
other than the satisfaction its over. That
it won’t need doing again. And maybe, if you were
one of those built of sterner stuff, the courage
to see the world for what it is, and never let it go.