Img_1051_2by Jai Warya11 Aug 2014

This morning I noticed the roses
were blooming properly. The wind
blowing in a convenient direction
and the moon, lazy bum,
hanging on till longer than we deserve.
I said to myself;
it’s going to be a wonderful day.
It is! I assure you…

And I just stood there
at the window,
careful not to disrupt
my own thoughts;
arms on hips, smiling, breathing
the fresh air polluted
only with fumes I was used to.

I thanked
the lovely, serendipitous world
for everything else in my world
that would go right
over the course of the day.

The tea brewed itself,
the eggs discovered that
getting scrambled can be fun.
The clothes and dishes were
happy, for once, in their putrid squalor.
All because
the roses were blooming properly.

And nothing, not even good sense,
would get in the way
of me enjoying this world today;
so beautiful, so enchanting, so perfect.
Like clockwork. So…consistent.
So unlike yesterday.