Img_1051_2by Jai Warya11 Aug 2014

Words only get in the way
Of what I want to say.
There is nothing left to say.
You’re leaving so… leave.
There’s no need for all these
Gentle lies and hypocrisies.
I’ll linger here a while longer,
Wait till you’re out of sight,
Then turn my back on you.
I would have preferred regret but…
you needn't bother.
I will continue and so will you,
Inside both you and me.

You knew me too well to love me.
And inevitably,
You know me too well to hate me.

There will be others, again.
We’ll start all over, again.
We’ll turn into strangers.
But also friends, relatives, lovers.
New people for new people.
In winter, we’ll cuddle, get cozy.
You will be someone else by then,
I will be someone other than me.

But because we are all mostly
The expectations of people who know us,
We’ll find happiness.
Happiness is easy.
We’ll have money, a job, a place to live
A Macbook, a dog, a trip to Paris
We’ll still read Kerouac on the train
Discuss Dali in Spanish with people from Spain.
We’ll have none of what I've just said,
But more than those next to us

We’ll feel like shit. We’ll repent. We’ll swear off
happiness and then we’ll do it
all over again.