Taken Notes

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

From the start the harp sings from the heart/
It's something those strings all in accord/
The symbols are essential/
The pen is the instrument
The words are instrumental/
The Art of thievery I took notes/
To my pad nurtured this is
What you would call growth/
Out in the distance punding beats sounds wild like Africa/
As I got close had to recant style more like Metalica/
Hipnotic I wan't to say lathargic Strumming humming akward guitarist
lil Jimmy/
Pre 45 degrees, the rambunctious, relentless blows on the trumpet became
A lil Dizzy/
A blind man on a piano who is he?
take too deja vue/
The secret garden of Q/
This is, was the grove/
Nothing to prove other than/
How music can make souls move
A man or woman/
tantric you could and would say/
that feeling you get after and be four play/
Some say the feeling may be out grown/
you could never replace the organic tone/
you feel in your bones
Tenor, alto