Grammar Police

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Woop As the siren blares/

Scared nervous/ I hear a loud pull over!/

Its the Grammar Police/ The want to see my diploma/

Turmoil thru the streets/ drama around every corner

There should be no commas/

Butchering with clevers/ run on sentence for ever/

The alphabet guys set up/ missing letters/

Sworn I had it down to a T/ The I before E how does that go?/

Well don't look now i done broke another law/

How ever this may trouble you/ I keep my vowels sometimes Y & W/

Somethings not write I'm feeling uncomfortable/

Is it me? Well don't you see/ A fused two V's/

Yet we speak it double U/confused by another rule/

A mystery/ A victim being pursued/ by the Grammar police/

Its Invictus/ Now they have an eye-witness/

With an eye on who did this/

There, their, they're, hair, heir and..... here/

The Irony in the rule book/ similar sounding confused look/

If i where to spoke this instead of wrote this you would not notice/

No no Input.