2nd Wind

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

1st glance 2nd wind first lost second win
New guy up to his old antics again/
In the attic in hunt for classic gems/
Antiques double breasted hung by cloths pins/
Phonograph coverd layers of dead skin/
A photograph of Nixon water damage
front page can't read the description/
A sewing machine with a kit
some of the pieces missing/
A baseball bat at the handle a couple mittens/
Wait diner plates? move the hanging sheet
Oh its damn near a whole kitchen!/
So much stuff up hear from way back/
Oh snap an A-track/
A ColecoVision we used to play that/
Playboys books some of the first issues/
Hustler, Time, Life my old Halloween costume/
My favorite water pistol/
Fill this thang up wen't out shot for the stars/
I think I missed cause they found water on Mars/
The moon was on fire used it to light my cigar/