The madness Creed

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Yes, I'll admit it

What ever it is that you believe/

The madness creed a diagnosed disease/

Which I am told there is no cure/

The scared tactics are not fear/


Therefore, instead/

Phrases like parasites swirling around in my head/

So much that it's too much to house in my head/


May be a storage, A slio, a shed/

Starting to tumble like wax out my ear/

Can't stomach it diarrhea out the rear/

Clear shit when I look back, it's not there/

Just like all the other problems over the years/

These are my contradictive views/

My stare lesson into a care/

At war with myself The Art of War the new Sun Tzu/

Master of Ceremonies Neo I think I'm the one too/

Except I don't see 1 and 0's

I see everything as words and poems/

Than I translate it back to you/