The Wondering Wander

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Wondering as I wander
How in the....
How in the (pause) "HELL"
I came to be? /
A Euphoric Nostalgia (pause) sets in on me/
The concrete Pastures in which I grazed/
Oh, That place in which I was raised/

Asymmetrically Surrounded by a cemetery
So you could say/
Hindsight looking back
death was never far away/
Facts, in fact That's where we would play age 8/
Manhunt in Mau-so-le-ums
Between hedge stones we would play/
Tag tap the forehead, stomach, left, right shoulder blade/
We'd then carry on try not disrespect any ones graves/
Fresh dirt, maybe been there a couple days/
Chickens with no heads money on plates
Outside of the gates/

In your mind that may seem crazy/
My mind states demostrates Takes a Lil more to faze me/
We went days you see/
One meal a day to eat/
illicit street knowledge survival instinct/
Can't be sold, bought or taught learn or sink.