The Son And The Father

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

What a day a very special day on this day he turns 3/
The Father drops to one knee/
Grabs his hand in it firmly places theses seeds/
We call them jewels/
The only way to become wise from a fool/
The child speaks Father for I not know what to do/
No worries son I'll be right behind you/
To guide you/When ever you seem to veer of track/

As the boy grows older he never forgets all that/
Through any tough situation he just remembers back/
A reference track/Facing the mirror of adversities reflecting back/
The seeds are now sprouting and that's a fact/
Finally the first show of him piloting his own craft/
Father no longer worried about a cultivation gone bad/

Beyond the teen age meeting another obstacle/
Thinking to himself his value was nominal/
Father once again I'm lost for what not to do?/
Son you been working hard laboring yes true?/
Missing the point keep your head up 2/
You will soon see your reward from your labor the fruits/
The son said wow I never knew in my lifetime I would live by theses rules!!