Bed Written

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Bed Written
They Said Finish what you started/
I never started/
Remember when I started you said
"Always finish up like you started"
Therefore in my mind I blew past the Target/
Why I run circle around these guys Bullseye/
Warm hearted cold blooded
Damn near a typhoon formulating in my stomach/
True Lies read my face mood real cool nonchalant/
No longer do I Have patients
I cant serve you what you wan't/
Not a waiter not away closer to motivated/
Never jealous only inspired/
And If the old me tries reviving i'll conspire/
Aint no surviving with old ways of scribing/
Past Y2K past the calendar Mayan/
Using all my strength to move you
In the empty mind space that i'm in/
Even in the aproach of death i won't stop trying/
nor ticking my cliched mission/
Words on my Death bed Would Be Bed Written/