Game of Throw Ins

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

As the two of clubs screams/
Do as you please/
when the sunshine peaks the horizon/
Im parting/
Once again the club jester
manipulating with suggestions to the flower queen/
Caught of guard by the sudden charge
your pardon she said/
All the while this deuce is wild
she smiles in her head/
Instead she's been courted by the opposite/
The royal suite conglomerate
King of spades and the clean face king/
Her beauty is unruly truly she's from the slums/
As the whole world chases, her true love lies with one/

The black lady queen always angry & mean/
Her love disguised with significant other
The other picture card is her loving indeed/

Turmoil in the kingdom of the deck Damn it/
Im just throwing this out there/
Crumbled up used to throw poems in the trashes/
Saved poems precise projectiles
Game of throwin theses cards like gambit/
Wait til they get a load of me/
The number three with heart, monime
fueled up and sparked/ one of the jokers they had a talk/
Plans to crack the vault, over throw and revolt/
Can't stop to the top a Knight named sir roc/
Also The other jokers at it/
He's in one's ear with the madness/
The lowest of the lowest a throw away card classless
He has nothing but one thing/
The one true love that all the rest and above are chasing/
The perfect patron he's invigorating He wants to be ground brake King/
Why so serious the jokers smiles you the best by far/
You wan't the crown in this game of throwins but this is a house of cards...