With It?

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Once brewing now promptly alarming/
Cautions and warnings/
Everyone still brain storming?/
dark grey skies forming
Desperately incline to align with/
The fine wit Matlock mind wit/
That'll find it although blind with/
The vale yet still the mentality design with/
All odds against me got to grind with/
What I got All Excuses learn to Despise with/
A critical analysis effort plus determination {combineded}/
Well thats share will
That you gotta dig deep inside with/
An open mind the width
a small percentage of infinity/
Ok i'm at wits end wait... it ended again/
My patience is a metaphor
a synapse/
trials and tribulations made me what I wasn't before/
Life hit me with a couple jabs more like a thousand/
Like a Chef in his Kitchen I manage those counters.