Color Blind

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Live and in living color created equal/
The tie die is ta die for swirl/
Can't ignore the elephant in the room/
Observant and well aware/
like high noon/
Brushed off under carpet swept from the broom/
Debating we need to rehash this/
Second look the first glance was a stare/
Not a step Nor a stair/
Well suited Compliment high hats n snares/
Music to my ears The last stand
Charades of musical chairs/
Graceful only to bow out to musical cheers/
Shit the elephant in the room is still here/
Proficiently keen yes Im Keen in Ivory weighing
Tusk is a tisk tisk tisk when it comes to trust trust trust/
Comfort dooesn't with whining complain fuss/
We should all drink some whine finish this race thing up/ MARATHON