A Perfect World

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

A Perfect World of mind/
Think about it, it's the most you can do/
Reality is but a dream
Both points are viewed/
The time has come around
Seems pointless/

A perfect world seriously would you anoint this?
A perfect world really would you want to be there?
Same ol Same ol every second, everyday, every year/
Tis a difficult question one tough to grip/
A perfect world hmmmm would I want this?

A World which is not goal ori·ent·ed/
No love nothing passionate
No love, that would not exist/
No obstacles to overcome
Nor sight to persist/

No American Dreams
from nothing to rich/
Minus the 9 falls get up on the tenth/
A life least easiest a true leader of strength/
The struggle creates value rather uh-ston-i-shing/
All things cherished would burn in abolishment/
Either agree or disagree please acknowledge it/
You see our world is perfect lets Value It!!