Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

In a House filled with happiness,
I feel bummed,
With all these cape ability I should be super,
Landlord Reservoir dogs last stand,
#hashtag Mr. unsung underdog underscore #hashtag
Average the laws we defied,
A design, my Brain inside it's inscribed,
It reads, If you steal anything take time,
Explode on the world with, I built up mine,
The cup half full even when empty,
I see it full, of air,
On cloud nine,
Sky art From the project stare,
Sat talked had meals with million airs,
Shock the world that feeling, that feelings in the ear!
Compounded these thoughts,
Now Im a visionare, A visionary,
It's all rudimentary essentially dated,
The agnostic process has been vindicated,
Waited, Now I have to assimilate it,
My patients, is wearing well suited,
Guess it's back to the basics.