The Mind Tour, Circus Vol. none

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Room 1:
Ok Wait Take a look at this/
He bends verbs together
A Word Contortionist/ (whispers that doesn't go there)
Engaged with these words
It's a partnership/
A marriage, a mirage, a marauder
An Enraged Blitz!!
I exercise my time to
Make words fit/
What has been said has been said before
I reiterate this.
Room 2:
Oh Wait!! Have you been here before?/
That door that leads to my mental corridor/
Equal to tennis fighting thoughts back and forth/
And It's always love/ even if you never score/
Room 3:
Oh Wait!! What? Im stunned/Older wiser other wise Im Dumb/
The Diminish begun/Finished When/ I got the picture/Imagination was Infinite/Jaw dropping the image/A reality scrimmage/Theses Thoughts are Infant/ It takes a village or pillage/

Room 4: OH WAIT!!! I got it You Don't Get It/
So Im Picking up the pieces to this Broken mirror/
In the Eyes of the Beholder/These Words thrown/
Can be Vulgar/They can tink like pebbles/Think?
They can Bulge Like Boulders/Nothing left Open
It's Write for Closure/
oh wait got it yup/
high probability to the formulas of success/
You mix a little bit of this and a lot of never quite/and
Shhhhhushhhh we always never talk to pessimist/