From the Dirt!!!

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Please excuse the dirt upon your carpet,
My stomping lands a swamp
Urban legends myths rival the lock ness,
Any of us making it far is far fetched,
Environmental product
Im the sum projects,
Bi way of that evergreen forrest,
Combined knowledge
From beyond,
I've got a jungle book full of ideas
From just a garden,
Can you see what I'm saying?
They threw dirt on my name
I helped to say the least
buried it 6 feet deep in a grave,
Eventually realized it was OK,
Understanding from the dirt
Grows the earths most beautiful things,
Life's poet tree(life is poetry)
It's true what they said
Whatever it is that was said,
Not for me for your entertainment instead,
Facts On this Quest till dead,
Relate? Risk takes better to be sorry than safe,
A comedy of errors a joke a mistake,
Flats straight
building myself one flaw,
So much grace Im loyal to a fault.