O know She's Gone!!!!!!!

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

It's Official It's true I Miss You
Those lips whooo the way they curve hmmm,
The walk and pivot grove
That swivel swindles when those hips move,
Enough about you get back to me
Me? Im in a daze for days thinking bout you,

Category 5 Warning,
Upgraded to hurricanes no longer brain storming,
Been gone and,

friends are stumped
we haven't spoke in months,
....................?I have no words
in other words cats got my tongue,

Her beauty is aggressive
she's a mean 1 of a kind,
Her mind is lustful
Intellectually Equipped too
a bust full

pair of eyes,
The contour of her body
I admire her design,
In that respective department
Yes she's blessed,
Nor am I a gambler
For that I will bet,
I'll admit it I miss her yes,
All this running through my mind
And she just left!