OMG IT Happens again!!!!!

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Dreams are evasive reality is lucid
Nightmares are intrusive
The conclusion inconclusive,
we up in Hell can't you tell?
Hell know!! It doesn't exist
How do you No?
I've been there before,
Dreams reality nightmares
all right hear
Im an escape artist,
This is HOW I vacate or vacation,
When ever lost in the forest,
My whit occurs I ghost dog it,
Life is short Im pro long it,
Here's the conflict of interest,
Im killing myself every single day
My living space a living grave,
An illusion livid pain,
For the living sane,
But after the hurricanes The Sun,
Shines again
Whats Life?
Without problems and us solving them,
It happens it happens it will happen again.