An Awkward Reality

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Conventional nah orthodox not
Outside the box
Think Different,
Impossible mission uplift lift up
Close by far jump in wishes best,
I confess A waiting greatness
A book with no faces,
Blank pages and were A Loud to create it,
A canvas open to creation,
These oldest forms of interpretation,
Explanations not needed,
1 million readers,
2 million different points of view,
Left eye sees slight different from the right,
I won't expect you to see as I do,
Lets dismantled the metronome
Disassemble the meter,
Bounds way out
Note worthy achievements,
But Of course
it was rough
I went off course,
no source
so this is just my thesis,
So many doubts First they wrote my ass off,
So i second that notion and wrote my ass off.