Note to Self!!

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Once a person spent
100 days in a room
with 1000 locks and 1000 keys,
Initially panicked nervous and frantic
The fact is just can't leave,
The same ol Song, Song being Sang,
Why me why me, why me why me?
Angry and frustrated stomps of the feet,
Jingling on rings sounds of those keys,
with every failed attempt
It all made a beat,
a Rhythm,
Yet life still leaks,
Oozes from the body,
Vision becoming bleak,
Hopeless hope gone only hope was to think,
To a place of refuge when ever on the brink,
Hands start clapping, keys start to jingle
feet start stomping,
All in sync,
The only way to cope
A clearing of the throat
Music to my ears we'll exit on that Note!!