The Valentine's Day Mascara

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Just as a filament
Lights up the center of the room,
But on this day, today her pillows wet,
Soaked as she wept dry spot silhouette,
Profiled aside
The Valentine's Day mascara Smeared eye
Cast shadows dark,
Her face puzzled
When he suggested ways to mend her broken heart,
She laid down the law
Don't start was her rebuttal,
Him Attracted to her angry face
silly ways
Her movements of grace,
Even those subtle,

He states we can escape a place just us two,
She replied i'm unable to love
and would love too,
No longer black and white
Nor night and day
From four play to fifty shades of grey
area in my life,
Despite, he's lustful beyond the physical,
Her scent leaves em in a trance pheromones
Her flagrant fragrance Goes without saying
A kinetic bondage Neurotic erotica,
Waves in the air like melodies
Humming stuck in your head like an harmonica,
She so attracted by his attraction, he leads on
She couldn't help but give him..........?