Where did I go wrong?

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Where did I go wrong?
Could've been the day I was born?
Conceived in a world of greed
It's like I can't even breath,
stress after stress mounted on my chest
God Damn was this your plan
To leave a black man oppressed in this land?
God hope that you understand,
you did the dealing I'm just playing my hand,
Playing a man, fighting to stand on my two feet,
Stumbling down the road of life with no clothes,
It's so cold I'm all alone I can't cope it's no joke,
Cut Throats and snakes got me ready to break,
And the way that I feel it's so real I could kill,
I get chills down my spine when my mind starts to ill,
Maybe in time I could heal if you give me enough,
Imma brake the the broad I could never be stuck,
And with the grace of you lord I can never be touched,
Not asking to much,
Just get me through these dark nights and cold days,
Before you lick the envelope and seal my faith.