Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

I've Kicked every rock
Watched every turned leaf,
As we stand on the corner
of perception and reality,
To get to the other side
they said I wouldn't make it,
So I created a movement
I made shift,
Made beliefs, yes I meant to exaggerate,
I gel theses words together
I spilled my blood on this paper
It coagulates,
Would love to avoid the stops,
Take away the platelets,
Black hole in my mind
these words continue for ages,
The center of the Universe
we hold court,
Food for thought
what if thinking was a sport?
I'd never win
the way I'm lost in these thoughts,
Inside it burns this fire I'm playing with,
Possibly I may explode spontaneous,
combustion from nothing we have grown,
I can't leave it alone
That's why I write these poems,
To be in the know, is unachievable
but For some reason the unknown
is what keeps us goin!!!