Dream Awake!!!

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

I never sleep I dream awake,
Lookin in the mirror a can't see my face,
Looking down I can't see my feet,
believe half of what your hear
Lil of what you read
And everything you see,
Ancient techniques passed down
to me for centuries,
The highest school of learning its elementary,
Intrigued by intriguing hypocritical verbs,
Conflict of interest and I'm fighting words,
Shatter the mold,
Leave it to no chance I chose,
Home is where the heart is
I have no home,
Homeless, Heartless, no mad controlled,
My love just Romes, the Colosseum,
Invert when down upheld the medium,
Most angles are acute,
Widen had to broaden my view,
To get a full spectrum abusive obtuse,
The conclusion clues are elusive
recluse I was deemed,
I was never awake asleep I dreamed!!