Invisible lines

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Invisible lines not only separate states,
Also states of minds,
My mind state is an aisle or an Island,
A path to exile vile or violent,
maybe just a violin,
Vibrant vibrations creates sensational sensations,
A loud silence
Life's sound track I cant hear,
School of music detention
Hence I played it by ear,
Made these dark days seem like light years,
No matter where you go your always right heir,
That's neither here nor there,
or either their,
wait no where is were I'm in the middle of,
Not a thing near me,
Accordingly unseen cords controlled my hands
String theory,
Can I bare barely,
Sometimes I think life is a gimmick,
The limit is the sky
But I'm grounded in different dimensions,
It sounds well when you sound it out
Tuning the tension!