Catch Phrases!

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Penny for my thoughts
I can't even think,
Quarters for my words
I can't even speak,
Talk is cheap
I can't afford to buy time,
All this verbiage funneled in my chest,
Jammed in bottle neck
choked up Catch phrases?
I can't catch a breath,
I need CPR a life of new air,
These damn sentences of death,
Are intoxicating yes! Indigestion,
All I know is no's
Now I'm questioning my questions
It's too close to call
So I never get an answer,
I learned to stomach it
The butterfly's are belly dancing,
From a caterpillar crawl in my intestines,
Now the cares intensive,
Paranoid incentive nervous relentless
anxious stupendous pressure tremendous
Anticipation Immense,
tongue tied my speech I just scream!!!!
Quarters for words penny's to think,
Writing is the only time I ever feel free!!!