It's Only Right

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

My father was named after a wright brother,
It's only right that I write brothers,
Just seems Like I was born to take flight,
Hover, I suppose
My mother was named after a flower
From the dirt I Rose,
In the concrete jungle,
From the ashes emerge the phoenix,
My start,
Started with obstacle avoidance,
Now It's smooth sailing clairvoyance,
On this voyage,
A social path I created my own lane,
The Initiative brain,
The frequent frequency to obtain,
The coded DNA so I could never die in vein,
Lil obscure
It's just my opinion If not
It would be yours,
Wether your smiling or frowning,
Why so serious?
They say keep a small circle . period,
Periodically checking outside the box
for the anomaly,
It's vindictive 1000 words is worth 1000 pictures,
To picture my life,
If this poem went slightly left,
Eh I guess it's only right!!