Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Im serving life in this pen,
crime time
Solitarily confined In these lines
Can you read between them?
The margin is marginal,
Ive over stepped my boundaries
didnt see em
Now Im in a invisible cell
23 hours in the hole,
I get one meal I scarf down words,
I do mind work outs
mental aerobically variables,
I count chin ups as syllables,
My own worst enemy
The guards dont give a care,
I train everyday although
im never leaving here,
These sentences of life,
Ever since I got booked,
They extradited my freedom
When I tried to free lance,
I was just free writing
They cuffed my free hands,
Life sentence in this pen,
Now they want my annihilation,
Too many things gone missing punctuations