Behind Every Great Man

Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

Behind every Great Man
There is a greater woman to his side,
Classy Gal that oblige,
Knows when to let him stand in the front
Witty enough to challenge his mind,
Smart enough to know he'll be stupid at times,
Food for thought yea
she'll make you swallow your pride,
Above the small talk,
Strong enough to over look his weakness,
She's on a ledge,
when he's on edge,
or compromised to inconvenience,
She's confiding her confidence boost
will make you feel like a genius,
Strictly lenient, the arbitrary venus,
The better half per say,
Staring at her face you'll question your own faith,
How could nothing make something so great?
For peat sake yes she's a bit pretentious,
For keep sake she'll never leave you defenseless,
she pays much attention inline she's no cheap skate,
New birth love born from the soul mate!