Pz-avatarby muse10 Nov 2015

My mind has a mind of it's own
We play Tug of war,
Pushing and pulling down my mental corridor,
Marathon talk's,
In the long run Life's a short walk,
My thesis every step increases my telekinesis,
Is it safe to say The chest bares the treasure
My hearts in a vault,
Im just defending my honor please don't judge my faults,
Deserted by father time
In away Im a bastard,
Im in a class all by myself i'm classless,
Massive masses a spec on the spectacle glasses,
It's susceptible the skeptical's are becoming a hazard,
It's stock logic they under estimated the profit,
There's constant nuances You can never determine the process,
Fight or flight I think I missed my plane,
It's plain to see my plight is to ascend to a whole different plain,
Before I reach the grave and they drop my casket,
When you think one way and the opposite happens,
Be reminded that the mind is beautiful its the laws of attraction!